Contracts: Pucher Law negotiates and drafts custom contracts for clients, vendors, talent, employees, influencers, and others. We ensure your legal compliance and will always walk you through the contract complexities.

Trademarks: We perform the trademark search, obtain the mark and maintain your ownership over the name, logo or tagline.

Business Law: We guide you through your business formation and advise on laws, advocate for your needs and resolve your disputes.


Your business is Unique. Your Business is our Priority. Your Business is Valuable.


Pucher Law specializes in California and Federal employment law advice, including:

  • The interviewing and hiring process
  • Classification of exempt and non-exempt employees, and other wage hour issues
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Leaves of absence
  • Confidentiality and trade secret issues
  • Terminations

We also draft custom personnel policies and employment agreements. We conduct training sessions to minimize liability. And we are available to perform employee complaint investigations.

ADA Compliance

We have a unique practice that provides custom legal advice and smart advocacy for business and property owners. We offer ADA compliance advice and defense, helping you avoid exposure to expensive litigation. We also advise on matters of relevant tax credits and deductions, and possible indemnity claims.